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7 tips to lose weight when you’ve reached 40

Losing weight after 40: We know: among the many things that change when the fourth decade of life comes, metabolism is one of the most mentioned. It is not as easy to lose weight as when you were 20 and it seems that fat has learned to accumulate in strategic areas where nothing looks good.

If you are already on the “fourth floor” of existence or are about to set foot on it, these tips to lose weight when you have reached 40 will be useful not only to look good, but to have a healthy life.

It’s tea time

Yes, it is very difficult to make this change when you have enjoyed good coffee all your life, but the time has come. Drinking green tea several times during the day can help your metabolism work better and burn more fat . Add green tea to your morning smoothie or drink it as water during the day and you will see the results.

Yes, it is also complicated, but it is necessary. Soda provides empty calories and, even if it is a diet, with it you ingest chemicals that cause fat to accumulate around your organs . As for alcohol, the body has more trouble metabolizing alcoholic beverages as the years go by, so it will take longer to burn the calories from a glass of wine than when you were in your 20s.

You do it

Any activity or craft you should do at home, do it yourself as much as possible: paint the walls of another color, clean, accommodate shelves or cupboards, anything simple that involves moving in another way and burning some extra calories , you They will save not only a few dollars, but also a few extra pounds on your body.

A rule before each meal

Two cups of water, always before each meal, can be very beneficial . In addition to helping you eat less by giving you a feeling of fullness, water helps you lose up to 30 percent more weight than if you don’t drink it, as the liquid is essential for your entire body to function optimally.

Get more active

Walk more, use the car less, get a bike, take a good walk after dinner, do everything in your power to sit less , because those little extra activities, in the long term, will represent a significant calorie loss that you It will help maintain a healthy weight.


Limit your food intake to a schedule from 9 AM to 6:30 pm . This will give your body a window of several hours of fasting that will help you burn more calories and optimize the functioning of the digestive system.

Try meditation

Stress is a factor that, as the years go by, is more difficult to handle and affects us in unexpected ways after years of accumulation. Meditating, doing mindfulness, yoga, tai-chi or any other activity that helps you breathe better and relax, will have a positive effect not only on your day to day, but on the functioning of your hormones and your metabolism.

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