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Does chewing gum help you lose weight?

Weight Loss with Chewing Gum: The sweet taste of chewing gum can be a good ally to avoid consuming tens of calories at the time the craving urges, but does chewing gum actually help you lose weight?

Some experts answered this question on the specialized portal Eat This, Not That! And what they say can be encouraging for some people.

“Chewing gum can help you lose weight by reducing cravings and subsequent calorie intake, increasing energy expenditure and reducing stress levels, ” said clinical nutritionist Danielle Staub . This is particularly useful for people who tend to eat any type of food when they feel anxiety, anguish or some other emotion. In these cases, choosing to chew gum without calories can help you pass the craving moment with white balance in the caloric balance.

Additionally, chewing gum is not recommended for people with intestinal inflammation or gas problems, as their problems will be accentuated. Also, artificial gum sweeteners can alter the intestinal microbiome and even increase the feeling of hunger.

However, chewing gum will not make the extra pounds disappear as if by magic. It is necessary to have a balanced diet and a daily exercise regime. But if your habit of chewing gum is already inevitable, nutritionists recommend choosing peppermint gum , as natural as possible and with the least amount of added sugar.

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